“Population Explosion”

Today’s blog is the proposal for the mega project. We all know that ‘population’ remains one of the toughest problems of every country, even though many countries have overcome this problem. Here I want to discuss this problem with people living in rural areas or the community about family planning because on my daily basis of interaction I have seen many children were roaming here and there in search of food, asking for help even the family members of them too. Due to the pandemic, I was not able to conduct a survey but in most of the cases, it seems that people do not want to do a talk on this topic.

Problem Statement:

People in rural areas or communities do not know about the family planning program, have no education related to population issues, and have no awareness about overpopulation. People also raise the point of religion that family planning didn’t mention in Islam or the Quran. So, how can we follow it?


When people do not know about this problem so they meet with a different crisis. For example unemployment. illiteracy, health issues, water shortage, and starvation, etc. There is not much space on earth where people live. Overpopulation also leads to an increase in pollution.


When I interact with one of my family members, ask a question with her what is the main cause of overpopulation? The answer comes ‘EDUCATION’. Then I ask how education is the main cause? She says most people do not know how to plan a family. Then I asked do you plan a family? She said no, we have a family pressure so we decided to conceive but the family says one male child should be born in the family, so in the expectation of a male child we go on to fulfill the demand that extends our family size. Here I said education is not the main cause. Education just gives us awareness but one of the main causes of overpopulation is DESIRE FOR MALE CHILD.


The causes of overpopulation are early marriages, desire for male children, lack of awareness, low standard of living, and many more.

In rural areas, people prefer early marriages because there is no access to education and they think that a girl is made for doing home chores. It is a responsibility of a girl or woman to look after his Father or Husband. Similarly, due to no access to education or awareness, they kept increasing their family size.


The first step toward the solution that I have thought of is to give knowledge to such people through counseling, seminars and by connecting with the population education campaign or family welfare program, and making effective population policy. These programs do brainstorming first, collect their ideas and then aware them of the problem that our country is facing because of overpopulation.

Before giving the second solution here I want to discuss a case study of Iran. After the Iran Revolution, Iranian’s ruler urged Iranians to produce more children and they lowered the legal age of marriage to nine. After a massive increase in population. The religious leader and scholars started a program or campaign named Rural Health Worker for ladies to convince the people on family planning. Then in 1989, there was a complete turnaround, a massive decline in population growth of Iran about 1.4%. So in the Iran case study, we see that religious scholars and leaders play a vital role in controlling the population, despite any conflict on racisms, caste, values, and beliefs.

Here I summarize the solution in the following points:

  1. First, do direct communication with specific audiences, and try to convince them in family planning.
  2. Then reach out and contact a particular organization to give awareness and conduct seminars in rural areas.
  3. Encourage them to take interest in education, especially making education for girls compulsory.
  4. Ask for the help of religious scholars in guiding the people to the right way.
  5. I know It’s a long-term process but, if I didn’t take small steps now then this problem will continue to progress.

Studying in University of Karachi